Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing is an innovative and environmentally friendly system that when properly executed by one of our experienced and dedicated crews, will transform your current concrete floor into a smooth, durable, dust-proof, low maintenance, high quality finish.

The Concrete Polishing process has many different variables and offers every client the ability to customize your finish to get the most from your concrete floor.  Optional micro-guard protectors for additional chemical and stain resistance or the inclusion of dye color to the process allow you to create a unique and durable end product. F&W operate a fleet of planetary head concrete polishing equipment and have the experienced operators to handle projects of any size. F&W is a W.R. Meadows Induroshine approved applicator.  Allow us to make your vision a reality.

Epoxy Floor & Wall Systems

Seamless epoxy floor & wall systems are typically thermo-setting polymers formed by a chemical reaction between a resin and hardener. When blended together with color quartz, silica, or plastic flake aggregates, the result is a rigid and aesthetically pleasing product which is strong, durable, and bonds extremely well to all properly prepared substrates.

The applications for epoxy-based materials are extensive and can be provided with a very broad range of properties.  Much like epoxy terrazzo, the color range is nearly limitless.

While epoxy floors and wall systems are generally known for their excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, and good-to-excellent mechanical properties,  our products are also known for their simple maintenance, durability, seamlessness, and unique ability to inhibit growth of bacteria or fungus, making it a great choice for sanitary work environments.

Hard Surface Restoration

Historic buildings have lasting stonework, which over the years tend to accumulate imperfections and blemishes that spoil its original beauty. F&W leads the way in historic hard surface restorations. Preservation of these once beautiful finishes requires the special care of a company that holds the experience and technical knowledge of the latest restoration methods.

Most terrazzo and natural stone surfaces can be restored back to the quality of the day they were installed, which would include the removal of scratches, stains, and pits. F&W offers restoration and repair services of all types of natural stone and terrazzo. Let F&W bring your stone finishes back to life !

Stair Nosings & Tactile Warnings

Stair nosing’s and tactile warnings are generally required by today’s building codes. With current technologies, there are many options to consider when looking at safety nosing’s / tactile warnings.

Stair nosing’s not only protect the edge of the stair tread while improving safety, the products available in the industry of today are aesthetically pleasing and often complement the design of the space. TWSI contribute towards extending the life of the floor finish since they distribute the impact and abrasion from constant foot traffic. Nosing’s are available in a wide range of  finishes and colour options, from  moderate to heavy-duty anti-slip, and for both indoor or outdoor applications.

Tactile warnings provide a detectable warning surface to pedestrians before entering into a potentially hazardous environment. Typically utilized on approach to staircases, or leading into a vehicular path if the walk-way is not separated by curbs, railings, or other elements between pedestrian area’s and vehicle traffic. With the warnings being incorporated directly into your hard surface walkways, tactile surfaces offer a clean custom appearance.

Thin & Large Porcelain Panels

Thin and large porcelain panels are revolutionizing the traditional hard surfaces industry. Panels as large as 5’ x 12’ are being used on projects large and small, in both commercial and residential markets. With a reduced thickness and high technical performance, large panel porcelain are suitable for nearly every design vision.  With manufacturers technology advances, most porcelain panels are candidate to be laid on floors and walls over nearly every type of material without the need to demolish the existing surface, thus reducing time and costs.

F&W has extensive experience and all the necessary tools-of-the-trade to deliver your next large panel porcelain application. Consider this revolutionary product for your next design.


Underlayments & Overlayments

A concrete underlayment is a mortar or self-leveling topping applied to new or existing concrete substrates or properly prepared conventional residential subfloors in order to provide a flat sub-floor prior to the installation of the final floor finish.

A concrete overlayment is a mortar or self-leveling topping applied to a new or existing concrete substrates to provide a flat, uncovered, stand alone finished floor surface.

Concrete underlayments and overlayments provide a versatile surface capable of repairing, restoring, and resurfacing damaged or uneven concrete; leaving a smooth, flat, and consistent surface that generally will not shrink, crack, or spall; and an economical cost-effective alternative to costly concrete replacement.

Polyurethane Floors

Polyurethane cement-based flooring systems are the product of choice for plant managers and specifiers due to their excellent resistance to corrosion, thermal stresses, abrasions, impacts, and chemical attacks. These heavy duty toppings are extremely durable and can be installed with a textured slip-resistant finish.

Polyurethane floors offer perfectly seamless surfaces with an extremely limited inclusion of joints, to avoid areas where dirt and bacteria may collect. Easy to clean, and resistant to frequent washing, safe, functional, and quick to install thanks to the use of specific, latest-technology resinous materials.

Polyurethane floor systems offer surfaces that are medium duty, heavy duty, self-leveling, vertical grade, and textured anti-slip. While typically used in all facets of commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, chemical processing plants, and other commonly wet areas; there are very few limitations to their use!


F&W specializes in complex and challenging projects such as swimming pools, aquatic facilities, and other areas that are constantly submerged or exposed to vast amounts of water. Waterproofing is an integral part of any finished surface when in contact with water. The slightest envelope breach can result in irreversible damage to substrates and structures below.

With our extensive experience and today’s modern technology advances, F&W has delivered numerous quality waterproofing installations. Whether it’s an Olympic-sized swimming pool or a stand-alone shower, F&W have the professional experience to handle any waterproofing project.

Rubaroc Safety Surfacing

F&W is thrilled to introduce our new line of poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing. Covering a broad range of markets from Playgrounds to Splash Pads to Golf Courses to Animal Care Facilities, Rubaroc has a long and proven track record in providing end users with quality skid resistant surfacing under the most extreme conditions.

“Safety first” is the mantra for our new line of Rubaroc Safety Surfacing.

F&W is a recognized RubarocPRO applicator. With excellent flexibility and exciting design options, allow F&W to assist you in creating unique design features that will compliment your area while delivering all the comfort and safety features Rubaroc Safety Surfacing has to offer.

Traffic Deck Membranes

Traffic coating systems are designed to provide superior protection for concrete substrates against moisture intrusion, deterioration from chlorides and chemicals, UV rays, thermal resistance, crack bridging, and heavy traffic. Parking structures, stadiums, airport garages, pedestrian walkways, or mechanical rooms; all areas that require a durable, high quality coating that can withstand earth’s elements.

F&W has decades of experience installing superior traffic membranes. With advanced technologies in material products that offer fast curing installations; traffic deck membranes are a guaranteed, proven coating system to protect any indoor/outdoor concrete surface.